Because Mother raised us to be discreet and ladylike, we here at Ladybits Toiletries don’t often use the word vagina in mixed company. But we’re not afraid of the word, and we’re not afraid of the way vaginas smell, either. We do not think that Summer Rain or Powder Fresh is an improvement upon a healthy vagina, especially in a situation where one might be expecting the scent of a woman, as opposed to, say, a Tropical Breeze.

Out of respect for dear ol' Mum, we try to remember to keep our elbows off the dinner table and to cross our legs at the ankles. We respect Mother Nature, too, so we wouldn’t dream of trying to show her up. When circumstances like stress, hormonal fluctuations, and what have you, conspire so that things go a bit off in your nether regions, pH-balanced Hydrette Jelly will bring back that wonderful smell of yours.