Our product contains just water and six other all-natural ingredients:


glucomannan (gelling agent): Polysaccharide derived from the root of the konjac plant. Consumed and used in traditional medicine in Japan and China for centuries, it has recently become popular in the west as a source of soluble fiber because of its ability to hold many times its weight in water.

lactic acid (acidifier): Plant-derived lactic acid acts as a natural pH-adjuster and humectant.

sodium lactate (buffer): The salt of lactic acid. Often used in food preservation for its water-binding and antimicrobial properties, sodium lactate is a component of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of skin and a very effective moisturizer.

glyceryl laurate (preservative): The monoglyceride of lauric acid, commonly known as monolaurin. Derived from coconut oil, monolaurin is also found in breast milk.

natamycin (preservative): A by-product of bacterial fermentation, widely used as an anti-fungal in food preservation.

strontium chloride (preservative): The salt of strontium, a mineral that is similar to calcium. Sometimes added to toothpaste for sensitive teeth.


Hydrette Jelly is vegan and is not tested on animals.