Lady at her Toilette,  Berthe Morisot

Lady at her Toilette, Berthe Morisot


We love the French expression, “faire sa toilette”. It’s a catch-all for the whole process of washing, getting dressed, doing make-up, and altogether putting oneself together. Maybe it just sounds better than “getting ready” because it’s French, but we find that if we think of inserting contacts, flossing teeth, and applying spf as doing our “toilette”, it lends the morning hour a bit more elegance. It calls to mind satin-robed heroines in old-time movies at vanity tables, mirrored trays holding their dusting powder and red lipstick as they count out a hundred strokes with an ivory-handled hairbrush.


Mostly the ladies of Ladybits feel good about it if we make it out the door with a swipe of lip balm and a dab of perfume behind the ears. That doesn’t mean we can’t do with a little pampering now and again. In fact, we could really go for a pedicure right about now.


We think that attending to your ladybusiness should be as luxe as any other aspect of personal grooming. We noticed that the feminine hygiene aisle at our local drugstore is not a place that inspires lingering, and that the products that we buy there get hidden away in bathroom drawers. That is why we designed a pretty package for our Hydrette Jelly Intimate Deodorant and Moisturizer, why we make it with high-quality, all-natural ingredients, and why we wouldn’t rest until we got the silky texture just right.